1) Highest rates of depression happen in women between 24-44, which is also considered to be prime child bearing years

2) Depressant medications are attracted to fats (A human brain in 90% fat), which also means they attracted to the breast and breast milk which is primarily fat as well.

3) The amount of medication that goes transfers from the mother to the baby is less than ten%. Babies are fragile so 10% can effect them dramatically.

4) The timing of a mother taking a medication is the most important factor. The more time inbetweeningetion and breast feeding, the safer.

5) There is not sufficient evidence positive or negative for depressant medication and breast feeding.

6) Always consult with your doctor on your medications

7) The class mammalia was coined due to mammals having mammary glands

8) colustrum is also known as “liquid gold”

9) drugs with low molecular weight travel into the breast milk more easily than those that don’t

10) MOST IMPORTANT!! The risks of not breast feeding because of depressant medications are far more dangerous than breast feeding while taking medication.


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